My name is David Emery and I am an author.

As of the time of this writing I have two published short stories, one prestigious honorable mention, and have served in the trenches as a writing contest judge.

My work is predominantly fantasy, horror, and science fiction. And while I cannot guarantee that you will like everything that I write, I can guarantee every story that escapes my brain is lovingly bludgeoned until something interesting is forged.

The site includes stories, some stories about stories, and few other odds and ends. Look around and have a lovely day.


Story Vault

See? I told you there would be stories and you didn't even have to scroll far. I am a man of my word, dear reader.

You will find a variety of stories here. Some of them have been published before, others are exclusive to this site. You will also find introductions explaining the circumstances that birthed said stories and links to good folks in the business.

I hope you enjoy.