Welcome to the Story Vault.

Here you will find a tidy collection of stories I've written. Some have been previously published, and some are unique to this site.


Oh, and if you enjoy the stories, feel free to plumb The Depths for some thoughts on their origins.


A Little Life

Edgar awoke to doggy kisses. He wiped the slobber from his cheek and sat up on the couch. Pale green light poured out of the television as it tried to sell him medicine for allergies he didn't have.

He stepped into his colorless bathroom and squeezed white paste onto faded bristles. He ate something flavorless on his way out the door. Edgar grayed his way through his commute from door to...


Light crashed into the room. The man in rags and chains threw his arms over his head and scurried into a corner. There came the gentle tap of hard boots on stone, the grinding of a dragged chair, and the slam of a door closing.

“Ambassador!” a familiar voice called, half greeting, half chiding. “Please lower your hands. I won’t harm you.”

The man in rags and chains risked a furtive glance through his...

Only Darkness

207 Hours


Most of the faces I saw these days avoided meeting my eyes, but not this one. The young man glared at me openly. “Nothing?” I prompted.

He looked like he was about to choke, but finally managed, “Bishop.”

Green Walk UL.jpg


That Nameless Little Town

“I swear, city guard get twice the pay and actually get to live in real cities. What have we got out here?”

Huk shrugged his massive shoulders. “Lack uh stabbin' I suppose.”

Tigs snorted. “Tell that to that pincushion we found last week. Man looked like a reverse porcupine.”